Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting Back in the Dating Game, Part 2

Apparently the new way to date is via the internet. There were so many site to choose from -,, eHarmony, Yahoo Dating, Singlesnet, and Plenty of Fish (POF). I took the pictures and wrote up a brief description of myself and what I was looking for and posted it on several of these sites.

Oh man, it was like reading the help wanted section back when the economy was strong. I read so many profiles and viewed hundreds of pictures. When you date online, you come up with a catchy user name so people will want to read your profile and remember you. Some had very cute, clever names like:

"2011 Serendipity"
"Good Knight"
"Fun 2 Talk 2"

However, there were so many guys that had disgusting, piggy names that I didn't even want to read their profile because I knew exactly what they were looking for...a quick jump in the sack. Really what were they thinking using names like:

"Long Dong Gold"
"Sexy Mustang"
"Quick Biter"
"So Many Inches"

And my all time favorite... "Never Faithful"

Then there are the pictures. Why do guys feel they have to post pictures of them with no shirt on or even worse, completely naked? Or the guys who take a picture of themselves in the bathroom mirror wearing just a towel or a wife beater (tank top)? Why not use a nice, current picture with clothing on? Leave somethings up to the imagination.

So, I started emailing mens' profiles that I was interested in and in return was receiving replies and of course was receiving emails from gentlemen interested in me. I would email, through the dating site, back and forth with these gentlemen and if there was a connection we would move onto the next step -- IM (instant messenger).

One of the first people I spoke* to asked me the strangest question. I was blown away. This is when I realized that dating after Disney was not going to be quite as easy as I thought...

*Spoke - meaning to email, text or instant message


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